Plymag, the fertilizer and bionutrients company, continues in the forefront with its commitment to the development of organic agriculture with the new Intereco certification of the basic substance Maxitine.

This methodology of ecological operation continues to gain weight with the advance of the agrarian society. Organic food, respect for the fertility of the soil and, above all, respect for the environment are increasingly valued.

This is why Plymag’s R+D+i team has made the effort to boost its innovation cycle and promote the use of low environmental impact and low hazard tools in modern agriculture.

Maxitina: crop protection in an ecological way

Maxitina is its latest product to be certified as ecological by the Intereco association as a valid product for the practice of organic farming.

This natural input based on soy lecithin, which contains substances such as phospholipids, essential fatty acids, choline, inositol, phosphorus and vitamin E, is developed to help improve the consistency, brightness and color of fruits and vegetables, reduce certain physiopathies in fruits and help heal small wounds, also provides a stimulating effect on the strength of the crop.

An entire range of organic products

With this latest news, Maxitinajoins the range of twenty products offered by the company Alicantina as certificates for organic farming consisting of stimulants and bionutrients, organic and soil amendments, correctors and  the so-called basic substances.

The latter are characterized by not being phytosanitary in the first place, but by primarily having other applications  although secondarily they can have phytosanitary usage.

The main characteristics of the basic substances are their low dangerous (since they do not have the intrinsic capacity to produce endocrine alterations or neurotoxic or immunotoxic effects) and their low environmental impact, due to their origin and formulation.

Thus, with the certification of MAXITINA, Plymag expands its range of organic products with a basic substance added to ORTIMAG, based on nettle preparation , and PLYSETUM, prepared with horsetail, all of them certified by Intereco according to their technical referential as means of phytosanitary defense.