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PLYMAG’s mission is to develop innovative solutions for modern agriculture. In this way, we increase the profitability of crops and contribute to a more sustainable society.


To share innovation through knowledge and sustainable strategies in nutrition and crop protection with farmers globally.


PLYMAG’s values are based on the company’s family heritage.
Closeness in business and labour relations.
Dynamics in the growth process.
Experienced in the biostimulation sector.

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In our laboratory we are able to address 3 lines of work simultaneously. We carry out quality controls on all our manufacturing batches, and we also analyse different components of interest both in our products and in the raw materials we receive. Our laboratory allows us to carry out more than 100 samples per week. Finally, the third block of work, which is exclusively dedicated to the development and improvement of the current portfolio, where we carry out new formulations, stability tests and different developments

Agricultural research, development and innovation

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We are located in Pego (Alicante) and our production centre, offices and laboratory are conceived and designed to meet the needs of our sector. Our location favours the service of our products in a fast and efficient way, both terrestrial and naval, and the town of Pego offers us an exceptional climate to develop new products in our experimentation area.



Pol. Ind. Sector 2. C/ Dénia, 126
03780 Pego, Alicante

+34 96 557 09 92


With the aim of offering the farmer different alternatives to increase the yield of his crops, PLYMAG has a wide range of products, among which the certified products for organic farming stand out.

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