Bionutrients are a mixture of different nutrients that save the plant’s energy and restore it after periods of stress. In addition, they contain minerals that enhance plant growth.

The purpose of bionutrients in crops is to obtain an adequate growth and to correct nutrient deficiencies. These nutrients activate the metabolism of the plants, helping not only their growth and development, but also achieving optimal fruiting.

We must know what is included in the growth of a plant, to help obtain its maximum potential:

  • Reproduction: This is when the plant produces its cells or group of cells, thus ensuring the continuity of the species.
  • Expansion: The seeds must germinate and give rise to adult plants that generate offspring.

Taking this into account, we can get an idea of how the ingredients that make up the Bionutrients generate positive effects, as we obtain higher quality crops because they provide benefits in all phases of growth and development of these.

As manufacturers of fertilisers and fertilisers, here is our range of Bionutrients:


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Products suitable for organic farming



Products suitable for organic farming




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With the aim of offering the farmer different alternatives to increase the yield of his crops, PLYMAG has a wide range of products, among which the certified products for organic farming stand out.

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