[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Plymag has launched its latest innovation onto the market: Bioferro. It is presented as the first biostimulant in the world to combat iron chlorosis.

Bioferro combines solid extract of Ascophyllum nodosum, 100% natural, together with the newest chelate, HBED 5.0%. Thanks to this symbiosis, the natural stimulation of the plant is achieved and the resistance to osmotic stress is improved, at the same time improving growth in a balanced manner and consequently production.

Fernando Feliu, executive director of the Valencian company Plymag, explains in this interview the key points of its new formulation and the benefits it brings to today’s agriculture.

Interview with Fernando Feliu about Bioferro

What is the main contribution of Bioferro and what does it represent compared to other biostimulants?

Bioferro is currently a unique product, as it combines an extract of algae Ascophyllum nodosum from physical extraction with HBED iron chelate. The extract is today considered one of the best biostimulants used in agriculture, while this chelating agent has the highest stability so that, together, they give rise to a product of very high performance as a biostimulant and corrector of iron deficiencies.

Where did the need to create this new formula come from?

This one emerges precisely taking into account the benefits that intends for fields the combination of the iron contribution alongside the necessities of applying biostimulants, especially in certain cultivation periods.

What are the benefits of its ingredients?

On the one hand, algae stimulate sprouting, regulate flowering, the settling, and improves fruit size. For its part, iron chelate is needed as a micronutrient in all crops.

In what situations is its use beneficial?

This innovative formula is beneficial in cases of iron deficiency or when iron supplementation is needed. At the same time, the results are very positive in crops that need to improve their physiological processes.

bioferro innovación

How does it contribute to the sector? And the farmers? Is it important for socio-economic development?

Bioferro combines two products in one. Thanks to this, we save on applications and time, while contributing to the preservation of the environment by reducing the use of packaging, lowering production costs, as well as counting on the use of natural resources, etc. In addition, we have been able to verify the powerful synergy of the two products in their application on plants.

Is it suitable for ecological agriculture?

Indeed, this novel product is suitable for organic farming. The algae that comprise Bioferro are produced by a natural process, without the need for chemical agents. These are combined with the chelated iron, whose use is admitted in organic agriculture. Bioferro is certified by INTERECO.

What are the challenges for the future? What are Plymag goals from now on?

At Plymag we are investing on innovation. That is why we continue to work on creating new biostimulants that contribute to improving agricultural production. At the same time, however, we are increasingly committed to the environment, so we join forces to ensure that our products are natural, low-residue and therefore help preserve the environment.

Thus, PLYMAG is beginning the year incorporating this new solution into the market, and sets itself the objective of continuing to work on formulas that allow for the improvement of production performance in the fields as well as contributing to making crops increasingly healthy.

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