Salamat® SP

Highly concentrated humic acids from leonardite.

Salamat® SP is a solid organic amendment rich in humic acids, which, thanks to its high solubility, can be applied in all types of irrigation systems.
Salamat® SP is specially developed to improve soil structure.
Due to its composition and formulation, Salamat® SP promotes soil health by:

  • Boosting cation exchange capacity (CEC), improving soil structure, softening compacted soils and binding sandy soils.
  • Increases the water holding capacity of soils, making irrigation and crop nutrition more effective.
Declared content

Total humic extract: 70% w/w

Humic acids: 55,0 % w/w

Fulvic acids: 15,0 % w/w

Potassium oxide (K2O): 8 % w/w

Organic matter: 55.0 % w/w

Organic carbon ( C ): 30,0 % w/w

C/N ratio: 30.5 % w/w

Physiochemical characteristics

Appearance: flakes

Colour: Black

pH (Direct): 10

Maximum solubility: 200 g/L

Form of application and dosage

To improve the soil and obtain excellent results we propose the application of Salamat® SP specially developed for root application and fertigation
Apply at the beginning of the crop for soil preparation and during development. Preparation: dissolve the product slowly and directly in water, keeping the agitation running for about 10 minutes before application:

Root application

Dosage (Kg hectare and cycle): 5-15 kg/ha and cycle

No. applications cycle: 1-3

Indications for use

Salamat® SP is a very soluble product that does not present any complications when it is prepared. Do not mix with calcium, magnesium nitrate or magnesium sulphate, sulphurs, cupric products. Salamat® SP is not compatible with low pH products and products based on calcium, oils, sulphates, sulphur or cupric products. In case of doubt, a preliminary test is recommended.

The recommendations and information we provide are the result of extensive and rigorous studies and tests. However, many factors beyond our control may intervene in the use of the product (preparation of mixtures, application, climate, etc.). PLYMAG, S.L. guarantees the composition, formulation and content. The user will be responsible for any damage caused (lack of efficacy, general toxicity, residues, etc.) by total or partial non-observance of the instructions on the label.

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