Rombiquel® Calcio SL

Complexed calcium deficiency corrector.

Rombiquel® Calcio SL is a calcium deficiency corrector complexed with lignosulfonates, thus ensuring faster and more efficient absorption. The formulation is enhanced with the CITO+ complex manufactured exclusively by PLYMAG and providing the plant with an extra supply of energy.

Calcium is essential for plants since:

  • Is an essential part of the cell wall, providing greater structural resistance.
  • Improves the texture of the fruit’s skin, increasing its post-harvest life.
  • Activates secretion processes necessary for the development of root hairs.
  • Activates pollen tube formation, improving flowering.
Declared content

Calcium oxide (CaO): 7,3 % w/w

Complexed with lignosulfonate
Enriched with CITO+ complex
pH range in which the stability of the complexed fraction is guaranteed: 2-9

Physiochemical characteristics

Appearance: Liquid

Colour: brown

pH (Direct): 3,7

Density: 1,23 kg/L

Form of application and dosage

Rombiquel® Calcio SL has been developed for foliar application (for a faster and more efficient absorption) and root application in all types of crops.
Applications can be made in case of deficiency to avoid future physiopathies (black heart in celery, burnt ends, blossom end rot in tomato, bitter pitt in apple…) or at key moments such as cell division, sprouting, after fruit set or during fruit development:


Dosage (liters ha/application): 2-3 L/ha

Number of applications during the cycle (vegetative development, fruit set and development): 2-3

Maximum recommended concentration: 0,8%

Indications for use

Rombiquel® Calcio SL is a product that does not present problems in its application, however, in case of doubt, we recommend carrying out a compatibility test and always follow the basic recommendations for field application.
The recommendations and information we provide are the result of extensive and rigorous studies and tests. However, numerous factors beyond our control (preparation of mixtures, application, climatology, etc.) may intervene in the use of the product. PLYMAG, S.L. guarantees the composition, formulation and content. The user will be responsible for any damage caused (lack of efficacy, general toxicity, residues, etc.) by total or partial non-observance of the instructions on the label.

Which crops does it help?


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