Rombiphos® Extra

Fungicide. Soluble concentrated product (SL).

Rombiphos® Extra is a preventive fungicide with systemic activity. Rombiphos® Extra has an indirect action by improving the natural plant defence system, as well as a direct action on fungal proliferation by inhibiting spore germination. Rombiphos® Extra provides the plant with:

• Increased production of phytoalexins, enhancing the defense system of the host plant.
• High activity against plant root and neck diseases caused by Phytophthora spp.
• Stability and persistence within the plant, reinforces the fungicidal action.

Declared content

Potassium phosphonate: (51,57 % w/w) 726 g/L


For fungicidal use against Phytophtora spp. In stone fruit trees.
Registry number: ES01216

Physiochemical characteristics

Appearance: Liquid

Colour: Colourless

pH (1:10): 5,0

Density: 1,42 kg/L

Form of application and dosage

Rombiphos® Extra is used in peach trees against Phytophthora spp. Includes the nectarine (P. persica var. Nucipersica), flat peach (P. persiva var. Platycarpa) and other varieties and hybrids associated with the peach tree.

Apply in:

• BBCH 32: Shoots at 20% of the final varietal length.
• BBCH 35: Shoots at 50% of the final varietal length.
• BBCH 91: The shoots have completed their development; foliage still green.
General conditions of use: Fill the tank halfway with water and start stirring. Add the recommended amount of product and then finish filling the reservoir with the required amount of water.

Indications for use

Rombiphos® Extra has no problems in its application, however, in case of doubt, it is recommended to carry out a previous compatibility test and always follow the basic recommendations for application in the field.

The recommendations and information we provide are the result of extensive and rigorous studies and tests. However, numerous factors beyond our control (preparation of mixtures, application, climatology, etc.) may intervene in the use of the product. PLYMAG, S.L. guarantees the composition, formulation and content. The user will be responsible for any damage caused (lack of efficacy, general toxicity, residues, etc.) by total or partial non-observance of the instructions on the label.

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