When did Plymag start working in Colombia?

The first import made by Plymag Colombia arrived in October 2021 with the dream of positioning our first eight registered products from the families of Biostimulants, Bionutrients, Specialties and Water Conditioners in the main crops of Colombia such as: flowers, banana, coffee, oil palm, sugar cane, avocado and rice. Among other growing crops such as citrus, bananas, cannabis, tomatoes, paprika, grasses, and a variety of fruits and vegetables. Growth has been constant thanks to the network of commercial partners and the progressive training of our technical and commercial support team.

Brief agricultural description of the country.

In Colombia, the agricultural sector is one of the main axes of the economy, in addition to its importance in the area of food security. Colombia can become one of the world’s great food pantries, as it is one of the countries in Latin America with the greatest potential for the development of cultivable areas without affecting areas of natural forest. The potential is 22 million hectares of arable land, currently around 7 million hectares are in permanent production.

Improvements in social security, technification, modernisation and professionalisation of the agricultural sector make Colombia a very attractive and strategic country, in addition to the diversity offered by the tropics and its strategic location that meets the geo-climatic conditions to consolidate itself as an exporting country.
The agricultural sector was the economic activity that grew the most in recent years with a GDP variation of 2.8%, occupying a very important place in the country’s development. The Colombian agricultural sector employs more than 4 million people to feed the country and to export to other nations, constituting 17% of the country’s total workforce. The main destinations for Colombia’s agricultural and agro-industrial exports are the United States, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany: United States, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

What solutions does Plymag provide?

Plymag’s immersion in the Colombian culture with the details of each of the regions provides a relationship of trust and high value as a strategic alliance with the farmer. Our professionals of diverse areas and high human value will bring quality and variety in our products framed in the families of Biostimulants, Crop Protection, Bionutrients, Specialised Nutrition, Water Improvers and much more. In addition, we have Demeter, Intereco and Ecocert certifications for environmentally responsible agriculture, complying with global requirements in safety, good manufacturing practices and of course our successful and unique patented extraction method to obtain the best of seaweed as a source of biostimulation and various plants for natural control of phytosanitary problems.


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