Terrabal® Up SL

Liquid organo-mineral NPK (S) 8-2-3 (2) fertiliser with amino acids.

Terrabal® Up SL is a NPK concentrate of natural and organic origin, suitable for organic cultivation, designed to be applied during the vegetative growth stage. It provides organic matter that improves the structure and microbiota of the soil, as well as organic nitrogen and free amino acids:

• Bio-stimulant effect that induces vegetative development.
• Anti-stress effect that improves the plant’s response to adverse conditions.
• Suitable for use in organic farming.

Declared content

Total nitrogen (N): 8,0 % w/w

Organic nitrogen (N): 7,0 % w/w
Ammonium nitrogen (N): 1,0 % w/w

Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)*: 2,0 % w/w

Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5): 3,0 % w/w

Potassium oxide (K2O)*: 3.0% w/w

Organic carbon (OC): 25,0 % w/w

Sulphur oxide (SO3): 2,0 % w/w

Free amino acids 2,0 % w/w

NPK content of organic origin.
Aminogram: Gly (65,0%)
Organic matter (OM): 45,0 % w/w
Humic extract 22,0 % w/w
C/N ratio 3,5


Physiochemical characteristics

Appearance: Liquid

Colour: Brown

pH (Direct): 7,0

Density: 1,2 kg/L

Form of application and dosage

Terrabal® Up SL is specially developed for foliar, root, fertigation or soil injection.
It can be applied to any crop and at any time when the crop needs a physiological stimulus (start of cultivation, vegetative growth, flowering, fruit set) and in adverse situations (cold, wind, drought…), although it is during vegetative growth until flowering or fruit set when the best results are obtained.

Root application

Dosage (ha/application) 10-30 L/ha

Nº applications per cycle: 2-4

Maximum recommended concentration (in application tank): 20%


Dosage (ha/application) 2-5 L/ha

No. of applications per cycle 1-2

Maximum recommended concentration (in application tank) 20%

Indications for use

Terrabal® Up SL has no problems in its application, however, in case of doubt, it is recommended to carry out a prior compatibility test and always follow the basic recommendations for field application.

The recommendations and information we provide are the result of extensive and rigorous studies and tests. however, numerous factors beyond our control (preparation of mixtures, application, climatology, etc.) may intervene in the use of the product.
PLYMAG, S.L. guarantees the composition, formulation and content. The user will be responsible for any damage caused (lack of efficacy, general toxicity, residues, etc.) by total or partial non-observance of the instructions on the label.

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