Concentrated suspension of calcium

interecoFLORACAL has been developed to meet the calcium needs of crops in acidic or saline soils properly, while also improving certain physico-chemical qualities of them.

FLORACAL can be applied in fertigation, which represents an important advantage over other correctors.

Its use is indicated for crops which have high calcium demands and for those plantations of citruses, fruit trees, grapevines, horticulturals, ornamentals and industrial crops, industrial tomatoes, olives and strawberries, when the soil characteristics require calcium correction. Applied to the leaves, it creates a protective film that prevents damage from the sun on the crop

Registered on the European list of inputs for organic farming according to Demeter International and RCE 834/2007.

Guaranteed richness

Calcium oxide (CaO) water-soluble 57,1 w/v
Total calcium (Ca) 40,8% w/v
pH 7,7
Density 1,63 g/cc

General Dose

Root Dose 2,2 – 3 L/ha weekly application
3,5 – 5 kg/ha weekly application

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    Liquid calcium complex. Corrector for high-sodium and saline soils

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