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Research, development and innovation

Since its beginning in 1978, Plymag has been characteristed as a company focused on the research and development of new products. 40 years of experience guarantee the impetus of constant research into products that are always respectful of the environment.

Since 2015, we have had our own algae extraction plant, which has allowed us to be pioneers in the sector by developing: plant extracts, gels, concentrated solutions, soluble emulsions, solid foliar fertilisers and a long list of other products.

  • Leader in Spain in the production natural seaweed extracts

Thanks to the research regarding obtaining natural extracts, and all the knowledge acquired, we are the only company that manufactures extracts of Ascophyllum nodosum and Ecklonia maxima simultaneously, as well as extracts of Nettle Spp and Equisetum arvense, placing us at the forefront of ecological products, biostimulants and high added value for the farmer.

At Plymag we have a range of ecological products certified by Intereco developed to respond to the demand for ecological and sustainable agriculture

We offer added value through the experience of our team of agronomists, chemists and biologists, who allow us to give the best advice on nutritional efficiency, founded upon the physiology of the plants.

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bioensayo bioestimulante sm6
Cytokinetic activity: SM6

Bioassay carried out through the University of Alicante for the product SM6, where it was significantly effective in delaying the foliar senescence of chlorophyll, namely a cytokinetic activity equivalent to 2,000 ppm was obtained.

Investigación productos agrícolas Plymag Ecklomar
Auxinic activity: Ecklomar

Bioassay carried out along with the University of Alicante, where the biostimulant Ecklomar was significantly effective in provoking the development of roots in petioles of bean leaves with which it was carried out in testing, obtaining a result of 25 ppm of equivalent auxinic activity.