FERTILIZERS: Their use in agriculture

In agriculture, fertilizers have played a fundamental role in agricultural production. In the future, they will continue to be important, adapting to environmental and economic demands and incorporating technological improvements that allow optimum nutrition of crops to achieve better harvests.

At PLYMAG, as a manufacturer of fertilizers for 40 years, we have witnessed first-hand how their use in agriculture has improved production and the quality of crops. On the other hand, the research has offered advances in aspects in some of which we have been pioneers in Spain:

– The use of organic waste or by-products and their recovery with a view to improving soil fertility.
– Natural stimulating action that allows the plant to react to resist limiting conditions.
– Search for solutions that allow, at the same time as we restore the nutrients extracted by the crops, it is possible to preserve and increase their natural fertility.
– The retention and availability of nutrients to the plant, limiting its loss and contamination of water and the atmosphere.
– The quality of production and its sustainability.

All this to satisfy a triple objective:

The farmer’s benefit, the consumer’s health and the conservation of the environment.

abonos y fertilizantes en la agriculturaWhy use fertilizers and fertilizers in crops?

Fertilizers make available to crops the nutrients they need to produce growing crops to meet the demand for food and certain raw materials of a growing population.

Now it is necessary to go one step further to conserve and enhance the biological properties of the soil derived from beneficial microorganisms and organic matter. It is also necessary to have resources to combat stress caused by drought, salinity and other factors that decrease production.

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