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Insecticide based on Dalmatian chrysanthemum extract


JOPI is a contact insecticide certified for use in organic farming (according to INTERECO) obtained from the Dalmatian chrysanthemum (Tanacetum cinerariifolium), and formulated with vegetable oils. This insecticide is widely used on organic crops, due to its low toxicity to humans and mammals, as well as its reduced environmental impact, mainly due to its low persistence as it breaks down under the effect of sunlight. In addition, it presents a low risk of the appearance of resistance by pests.

JOPI is characterized by its shock effect and repellent action, giving a marked drop in aphids and whitefly in different crops.

Guaranteed richness

Natural pyrethrins (extract of Dalmatian chrysanthemum)2% (20g/L) p/v
pH = 6,7
Density = 0,92

General Dose

Foliar Dose150-225 cc/hL
* This product is registered as a phytosanitary and so must be
used according to the doses and crops described on the label.
*Registered in the Official Register of Products and
Phytosanitary Material under No. 25,297.

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