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Liquid vegetable extract rich in aminoacids with stimulating and invigorating effect


NITRAMIN is an organic Bionutrient based on amino acids from the enzymatic fermentation of proteins of vegetable origin by Corynebacterium melassecola that promote a rapid response of the crop at a vegetative level, with application especially in case of frost and other stress episodes. NITRAMIN has a stimulating action on sizes and production in herbaceous and woody crops. Ideal complement for applications togetherwith correctors.

It belongs to the family of Bionutrients

NITRAMIN is an ecological fertilizer that allows to develop a sustainable and organic agriculture.

Guaranteed richness

Free aminoacids 15,0% w/v
Total Nitrogen (N) 10,0% w/v
Organic Nitrogen (N) 5,0% w/v
Ammoniacal nitrogen (N) 5,0% w/v
pH = 5,2
Density = 1,25 g/cc

General dose

Foliar Dose 200-300 cc/hL
Radicular Dose 10-20 L/ha por aplicación

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