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pH regulator, antifoam agent and conditioner for treatment mix waters

Triple pH is a liquid formula of nitrogen and phosphorus enhanced with coadjuvants to improve treatment coverage and absorption, with the following functions:

• pH regulator: allows the pH of the treatment mixes to be reduced, thus averting alkaline hydrolysis of the active matter.

• Antifoamer: prevents the formation of foam during the preparation of the mix and facilitating its preparation, especially when several products are mixed.

• Synergising effect of active ingredients. Increases the adherence and absorption of phytosanitary and fertiliser products.

Guaranteed richness

Total nitrogen (N)4,7% w/v
Ureic nitrogen (N)4,7% w/v
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) water-soluble17,7% w/v
pH = 1,2
Density = 1,18 g/cc
Contains antifoam and stabilising elements

General Dose

Leaf dose50-70 cc/hL (water with pH 7.5 to 8.5)*
*For more information on dosage according
to water pH, see the guidance table on the label.

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