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PLYMAG has extensive experience in working with algae extracts and maintains a comprehensive range of formulas from Ascophylum nodosum. In order to complete its range in this interesting and competitive segment, our fertilizer company recently introduced a new natural algae extract from Kelp (Ecklonia maxima): ECKLOMAR. What is kelp and what does it contribute? Kelp is large algae [...]
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Plymag has launched its latest innovation onto the market: Bioferro. It is presented as the first biostimulant in the world to combat iron chlorosis. Bioferro combines solid extract of Ascophyllum nodosum, 100% natural, together with the newest chelate, HBED 5.0%. Thanks to this symbiosis, the natural stimulation of the plant is achieved and the resistance to osmotic [...]
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agricultura biodinámica

Agriculture has been around in human history for thousands of years, but today there are alternatives to conventional cultivation based exclusively on fertilizers and other synthetic products, and we believe that many of you have asked yourselves, what is biodynamic agriculture? From Plymag, we want to demonstrate to you the particularities of this variant of […]

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