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agricultura ecologica
PLYMAG has been always answer to the general interest of reducing environment negative impact, while producing healthy foods. Pioneer examples fully in force today are  SM-6 or ROMBIORGAN BIOLÓGICO, certified for use in organic farming along with a large group of products. Is that why PLYMAG has expanded its portfolio with the BASIC SUBSTANCES which constitute one [...]
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empresa de abonos y fertilizantes
Within the wide PLYMAG products range the range of ROMBIQUEL correctors has been one of those that has always enjoyed our customer’s favoritism, due to its excellent leaf and root behavior. ROMBIQUEL offers a full range of products based on the major and secondary elements such as calcium or magnesium, complexed with lignosulfonic acid; range [...]
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empresa de fertilizantes
PLYMAG, after 40 years of industry experience, it is not only a world leader, but also works continuously to develop new certified products. The company keeps its innovative spirit that characterizes it, always with the aim of improving crops yields, which led it to invest in its algae extracts plant in 2016. The company has [...]
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fertilizantes y abonos
Plymag, in keeping with its innovative nature, continues its process of internationalisation by crossing borders. Among its recent activity, we find its participation in the trade fair Fruit Logística 2019, which will take place from 6 to 8 February in Berlin. The fertiliser company in the vanguard of the sector Fruit Logística is the most [...]
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empresa de fertilizantes
Final autumn cycle at greenhouse As mentioned in a previous article, horticultural crops that are grown in light greenhouses without great environmental control in our southern coastal areas such as Almería, Costa de Granada and Málaga, should be stimulated in the autumn and winter months to reinforce everything, especially fruits development. We basically have two [...]
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