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The PLYMAG catalogue includes a wide range of products to meet any need in modern farming.


We offer added value through the experience of our team of agronomists, chemists and biologists, who enable us to give the best advice on nutritional efficiency, founded upon the physiology of the plants.


fabricaci├│n de fertilizantes i+d

40 years of experience and investment in R+D+I

fabricantes de fertilizantes espa├▒a i+d

Own laboratory and lines of research

fabricantes de abonos espa├▒a i+d

Own seaweed extraction plant

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Exclusive products for your crops

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We place 9 families of agricultural fertiliser products at your disposal so you can select the best possible solution or solutions for your crops. Download our catalogue of agricultural fertilisers and contact us if you need further information.

Our team

PLYMAG is a company specialising in the manufacture of fertilisers and bioproducts, which offer specific solutions to the needs of modern agriculture. It also has its own seaweed extraction plant. PLYMAG, which started its activity in 1978 in the Valencia Autonomous Region (Spain), develops its own lines of research to obtain new products which optimise the yield of crops.

R+D+I Department

The first phase of our work gets under way with our laboratory technicians and R+D+I experts, who decide which active agents best meet the needs of farmers.

Own production plant

To manufacture our products, we avail of our own extraction plant for seaweeds, enabling us to know the properties of each kind and foster the development of any crop.


Our experience and the quality of our products mean that we are a company with a strong international profile. Our distributors perceive this, and they make our agricultural products reach a large part of the world.


Thanks to their constant feedback to distributors, farmers also form part of our team, given that their concerns and the nutritional needs of their crops are conveyed to us.

Organic products

PLYMAG has a structure in place to meet the new needs of organic farming, a highly dynamic sector which is growing in tandem with systems and processes which are cleaner and more respectful of the environment.
To respond to the increasing demand for products for organic farming, PLYMAG has adapted its infrastructure and its equipment and teams to develop bioproducts which meet all the requirements for use in this kind of agriculture.

The result of this process of adaptation has allowed PLYMAG to have its products certified as of biological origin by interECO, a non-profit of recognised prestige which works to certify products as suitable for organic farming. The interECO stamp appears on the packaging of all the PLYMAG products that have been certified, and furnishes the highest possible guarantee in Spain and the rest of Europe.


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